Subway Surfer: The Endless Runner Game

Runner games are always fun, but which one is the most liked one? Of course, its subway surfer; you could ask anyone. It was magnificent that people like Subway Surfer, the exciting and super fanatical app with a young runner/skater as the main character who gets captured applying spray-paint by a security officer as well as his dog. To steer clear of being captured, our character must escape from the train paths while avoiding the trains as well as the other obstacles while collecting powerups and coins. It’s simply exciting! Now we are going to share a couple of tips and tricks as well as the subway surfers cheats.

Using Move Combos

You should try using combos to make the game more interesting and easy, especially when the subway surfer gets swifter. These moves are basically kind of subway surfer hack; jump plus right or jump plus left, jump and roll, roll and jump. All these combos will help you in making special moves.

Stay High

Yes, it is the best subway surfer hack; Don’t forget to pick up the flying power ups, and remain on top of the trains as much as you can. It is the safest way of not getting caught and this will allow you to collect more power ups as well. Also, being on the ground for too long is very risky.


If you want to score high as well as to be alive, you need to get those hoverboards as much as you can. However, there is a tip to use them wisely; you should only use them when you think that you are going to die as they will save you in the last possible moment. You can likewise get a hoverboard with sneaker from the inventory to jump higher as well.


Always try to grab those magnets as they can fetch all the coins which could later be used for buying more power ups and additional features. Keep in mind that the magnet will not stay with you for more than thirty seconds, and you cannot even get it like you the hoverboards. So always try to grab them as much as you can.

Daily Challenge

Even if you don’t want to play daily, you should just play for a few minutes to complete daily challenges as they will give you additional coins per day. Every day you will get more coins, and the amount of getting coins will increase as well. It has been suggested to play the game daily at least for 7 days to get most of the coins.


Actually, you don’t need to complete the mission since they will be completed automatically. However, keeping an eye on missions will help you in setting your goals. These missions will reward you tons of things.

Bottom Line

It is an endless runner game which keeps updating to give more pleasure to its user. They also update the location quite often as this will help he users to explore more places.